5 Second Rule - Challenge Game

There is no time to think in Name 3, reply with your initial thought in 5 second


5 Second is a fun game of name 3 for those who can act under pressure. No thinking! Just say the first thing that comes to your mind in 5 seconds. Shout out 3 answers to a brief question before 5 seconds are up!


Rules are pretty straightforward for 5 second competition. Players are being asked a simple question. Then they have 5 seconds to come up with 3 answers before the buzzer rings. You can say it is a 5 second challenge.


If the player doesn’t give all the answers before the time runs out, you lose in 5 Second game.


Have you played before any 5 second competition, 5 second battle, 5 second challenge, and 5 second game? Our 5 second is different from other Name 3 games. Want to play something quick and fun with friends when you party? Here we are presenting 5 second competition.


Enjoy 5 second rule party game that has everyone on their toes the whole time!

What are 5 seconds rule all about in 5 second game? 

You have to name 3 things in 5 seconds! For example, Name 3 things you would take on a desert island before you hear the ring. Sounds easy? In reality, it’s much harder and often leads to amusing answers. The player that first gets 20 points wins.


5 Seconds Rule is the perfect party game 


Lighten the mood in 5 second battle and arouse your company. From now on, everyone will have to stay sharp and party with this name 3. And all you need is just 5 Seconds.


5 Seconds Rule will make you answer with your intuition. There is no time to think about the answer. Give three names as quickly as you can. Say whatever comes into your mind and have fun with others since they will have to answer with their instinct.


Answer simple questions in 5 second game. You have 5 seconds to come up with 3 answers before the buzzer rings. The first player to collect 20 correct answers is the winner! Just Name 3 and win the challenge game.

Play with anyone you want

Everyone can play the 5 second game! It is with playing with your friends, family, and partners in mind. The questions are suitable for both crazy and peaceful people! Introvert or extrovert? You literally can play with anyone you want!


Get surprised by occasional challenges of 5 second battle Name 3

Sometimes you will have to do small challenges instead of answering the question. Will you fail awfully or prevail and show what you are worth?


What to do?

If you managed to give all 3 answers within 5 seconds, click “yes” on finishing the challenge to get the point. Otherwise, you may risk getting a dare of the other players’ choice.


How to play 5 second challenge?


* Write the names of everyone who wants to play.

* Start the 5 second battle.

* Someone in the group now should ask a question of the person whose turn it is.

* After reading the question, start the countdown.

* If the person question manages to answer the question, award the player a point. If not, you can have the player 

 complete a mutually agreed challenge of 5 second game.

* Now ask the next person whose turn it is in 5 second game.

* Continue playing with hundreds of questions of 5 second competition


The first person to reach 20 points wins the game. You will have to show that you are comprehensively skilled and know or suspect something about the people that play 5 second challenge with you.