Truth Or Dare

Game made for parties and evening for two. What will you choose Truth or Dare?

🔥 Discover the Truth Or Dare Game 🔥
Are you brave enough to choose a dare? Or are you going to risk it and choose the truth? No matter which playstyle you prefer, you will have a lot of fun with your friends and loved ones.

✨ Your choice matters ✨
Choose packs that suit your situation. There is something for couples, friends, family, extreme parties and more. Pick and mix them to create a diverse and suitable game!

🤔 Did you know? 🤔
Truth Or Dare helps you share your stories and ideas. Moreover, it lets you get to know your friends on another level by doing dares together and hearing their stories through truth questions.

🥳 It’s Party Time 🥳
Truth Or Dare will keep you going at a party! It’s best for a house party or outdoor party as you can play it offline. Have a ton of fun with your group of friends or complete strangers.

Frequently Asked Questions
What is the player limit?
In Truth or Dare, you can play with as many friends as you want.

Can we play with two people?
The Truth or Dare game can be played by 2 people.

I want to play with my partner/partner, is the game suitable for that?
Truth Does Challenge has categories such as Romantic or For Couples, which will be perfect for you.