Let's Meet - Relationship Game

Enjoy 100 Unforgettable Conversations. Get to know what your friends value.

How many times you felt like you don’t understand the loved ones?

It’s time to understand them with this relationship app. Let’s Meet is the perfect option for long-lasting relationships between newlyweds and new lovers. This relationship app has many great categories like life, humour, creativity, dreams, and more…

Do you want to find out new things about your boyfriend, girlfriend, wife, or husband?

Then Let’s Meet is a perfect answer. This game was created with your help and tested with couples. This ensures that the app has the best possible questions and categories. This brand new app is an ingenious couples quiz game. You will find out new things about your partner and they will find out about you. Moreover, part of the magic is that you will get to know new things about yourself!


⚫ A lot of questions making Let’s Meet a good way to spend many evenings

⚫ Wide range of topics that cover everything couples need

⚫ Ability to save – you can quit the category anytime you want and continue later on

⚫ You can play it with strangers to get to know them better

⚫ It’s perfect for Lovers, however you can play it with anyone you want

Let’s Meet is a game focused on building a relationship and creating a stronger bond with your partner – it’s one of the best ways to learn new things about your partner. The game is filled with questions for couples!