Truth Or Dare 18+

Play Dirty Game with friends at a party. Will you choose Truth or Dare? The Choice is Yours

Looking for fun party games or group games?
Dirty Truth Or Dare Game 18+ is a perfect game to play at parties, hangouts, sleepovers, and even for breaking the ice. In this game, you will find a collection of some really fun truth-and-dare questions. You will get some amazing truth-or-dare-questions & tasks that will be randomly generated.
This dirty truth or dare party game is suited for adults who want to play with some dirty questions and tasks. Get ready for exciting fun-filled questions coming in while playing this friend’s group game.
This fun party game is designed with a simple user interface with over 100s questions relevant for adults who are aged 18 and above. You may see some naughty questions as well. The questions differ for every category and can go from relationship questions to the dirtiest questions best suited for adults.

1. Sit together in one place at a party or an event with friends
2. Start a new game with two or more friends
3. Choose packs you want to play with (note that you can add more packs during the game).
4. The bravest player starts by choosing Truth or Dare
5. Player either has to do the Dare or answer the question

Excited to play? Download the app and let the fun begin.
This is one of the best party games or group games that consists of interesting truth-and-dare questions. The game is very customizable allowing you to add your own questions to the app and make the game even more challenging. Play the game anytime and anywhere on the bus, at parties, etc. The game will never let you get bored even when you are in a group of strangers. From a group of 20 or fewer people and get your app “Truth or Dare” set in your mobile for the truths to get revealed and adventurous daring tasks.

– 100+ Truth and Dares questions
– Add your own clean or dirty dares into the app!
– Regular updates on truth and dare questions and tasks
– Play with several players
– Choose from multiple cards based on your situation
– Cards for Starters, Opinions, Social, Naughty, Couples, Drinks, Extreme, and more
– Completely free to play

Here’s why you will love this Dirty Truth or Dare Game
● Get to know your friends or partners better
● Create unforgettable moments with friends
● Find out what your partner enjoys the most
● Spice up things with fun and naughty questions or tasks
● Know your friends’ biggest bloomers and secrets
● Best for ice-breakers or to become friends with strangers

The game is the right game to know and understand your close friend, family, or even strangers.
Dare to download the game “Truth or Dare” and enjoy unlimited fun with outstanding Truth or Dare questions. The game has a huge collection of questions and is frequently updated with new questions for every category keeping the curiosity intact.
Truth or Dare party game is the game for you.!

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