Never Have I Ever - Dirty 18+

Learn the embarrassing secrets of your friends

How often did you sit in Awkward Silence? 🀐

When you are at a party with a pack of your best friends, you don’t want to waste time sitting in silence! You want to talk with them and get to know them better. Never Have I Ever is created so that the Awkward Silence never comes. What is more, you will inspire everyone to share their personal stories and talk about fresh topics at the touch of a button.

Experience an unforgettable evening πŸ¦‡

Prepare your own questions so you can shock everyone with your genius or find out something that puzzles you about someone. Add questions to already started games so that you can add something new every time you hang out.

Get to the party πŸŽ‰

Never Have I Ever is the perfect alcohol game. Every time you’ve done something described in the question, you drink a shot πŸ₯ƒ, a sip of drink πŸ₯‚ or a beer 🍻. Very quickly spark the meetings and inspire intriguing talks.

Play with those you love ❀️

Discover undiscovered, but important stages of life of your second half. Start to talk together and get to know each other from the ground up. Become an amazing listener and brighten up the life of the most important person to you.

How to play πŸ€“:

⚫ Gather your friends
⚫ Start a new game
⚫ Choose the most interesting category
⚫ Read aloud the drawn question
⚫ If any player has done the thing you have read – he has to drink and tell the related story
⚫ Next player chooses a category and reads aloud the drawn question
⚫ You take turns reading until all players have given up or are too drunk to continue!

Become the inspiration for amazing conversations πŸ’¬

Talk about topics you’ve always wanted to talk to someone about and didn’t even know it! Act effectively at the bar, at home, outdoors, anywhere you want! Talk to anyone you want and spend your time pleasantly and productively βŒ›.

What makes this question game different ❓

Let yourself be carried away in a conversation on various topics thanks to random categories from which you choose the most interesting. You will always learn something new about the other person and get to know them on many levels because both the categories and the questions are random.

With Never Have I Ever, you will heat up the atmosphere at any party.